Friday, January 16, 2009

No more Simple Scrapbooks Mag :-(

I was so shocked to read about this. Simple Scrapbooks, one of my favorite magazines about scrapping, is ceasing publication after its May/June issue. I am saddened by this decision. SS has been one of my favorite magazines since I started scrapping. I love the Simple philosophy to create the memories first then record them. Sometimes, we get overwhelmed with all the scrapping products and materials and all the photos we've taken that we forget the reason why we're scrapping in the first place. SS keeps me grounded, reminds me about the reason why I'm scrapping. Again and again, SS has made me think about creating activities and memories for me and my children to treasure until they have grown. SS has made me more aware of life, of opportunities and of my blessings. Although they will be infused with Creating Keepsakes, it still won't be the same.

To the staff of SS, congrats to a job well done! You and your publication will surely be missed.


Mel said...

Really? Panu yan, naka subscribe pa ko for 1 yr sa kanila. I also love Simple Scrapbook magazine which is I have been subscribing for the 3rd year now.