Monday, January 12, 2009

Behind the name MIA

The MDC challenge for the week is to scrap your name --- its meaning or an anagram. Well, Mia is actually my nickname but since most people know me by this name I decided to work on this. I researched in the Internet for the etymology of my name and was somewhat happy with the result. :-)

I used Daisy Bucket Designs (Playful Petals) for this layout. I also used Kaiser Rhinestone - Lt Pink - Mixed Flowers, Imaginsice Polished Pebbles in Pink and My Yellow Bicycle Christmas Magic Clear Cuts Glittered Frames and Titles (I cut the flourish and place it at the right lower edge of my photo).

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Thanks for looking!

Title: Behind the Name MIA

Journaling: A child named Mia may truly feel loved because the name Mia comes from the Hebrew word meaning "bitterly wished for child." The name also translates to mine in both Italian and Spanish, so it is a name that, indeed, denotes proud parents. One variant spelling, Miia, is a pet form of the Finnish name Maaria, meaning beloved. Continuing the theme of filial devotion, in many places throughout the world, Mia is an affectionate nickname. In Scandinavian and Italian, Mia is a short version of Maria. In Israel, Mia is used as a shorted, feminine version of the name Michal, while in Italy, Mia serves as a nickname for girls named Michaela and Michelle. (Source: Internet)


emelyn said...

You are so cute! That is a great idea to find the meaning behind my name. I'll have to look it up!

Anonymous said...

my name is also mia, i think ill use this info for a project, thx, and i loved learning bout this stuff!! deff makes me feel special!