Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Raya @ 9

Before her 9th birthday, my 2nd daughter, Raya asked me to make a mini album for her. I said that I planned to do one for her when she turned 10 like I did for her older sister Nadine last year when I made her album, 10 Things We Love About You at Ten.  She replied, why wait? She wanted one already. I thought about it and agreed, why wait? Why wait to honor anybody? Everyday should present an opportunity to let people know that you love them. Hence, I created this simple album for her. She didn't expect it. She thought I've forgotten. Teeheehee! I love this girl to bits!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cerise's Baby Album

After two years, I have finally finished Cerise's Baby Album. Hip hip hooray! And I am finally updating this blog too. Yehey! I have actually finished more layouts but taking photos of them and uploading them is a different story. LOL! I hope to be more active in scrapbooking once again and maybe inspire others to take up the hobby. :-) Here are my layouts for Cerise's baby album:


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rosevale Family Day

This is the 2nd half of my January 2012 page. I made a separate page for the Rosevale Family Day because I had lots of pictures that I wanted to feature. :-) I think this system works very well. for me. :-)

Rosevale Family Day

Journaling: Our family always look forward to the yearly school family day. We (all the families) are divided into teams and compete in games, cheering and dance contests all in the spirit of fun and bonding. This year, we were once again part of the RED team and again our team won over-all. It is always a day of laughter and enjoyment.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

January 2012

I wasn't sure if the weekly Project Life would be feasible for me. Faced with the busyness of life, I decided to start off with a monthly type of Project Life. I can still use the system for other layouts. So I'll be doing monthly layouts and other additional ones should there be a need for it. It'll all go to our family album. :-) Here's my layout for January. :-)


Journaling: We attended 3 big birthday parties: G.O.'s (15th), Chubby's (20th) and Ashley's (21st)... Nadine, Raya & Alyssa were honor students for the 3rd Quarter... Cerise learned to sit up on her own. Yay!... Mia started seriously aerodance 3x a week... First day of classes were moved due to Sendong... Raya began additional chess training every Sunday... Nadine is getting better at horseback riding... Alyssa enjoys ballet... Mier and Mia celebrated their 12th year with a lunch date at Le Tegola...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Your Name

I just realized that I still have a lot of unposted layouts from 2011. I started working on Cerise's baby album but haven't finished it. Still a few more layouts to go to finally be done with it. I'm hoping to finish it soon since she'll be turning two years old this year. LOL! Talk about back log! Haha!

This layout is about her name: Cecilia Amarise. Cecilia is the name of my maternal grandmother. It is likewise the name of Tita Ceci, my mom's sister, and two of my cousins, Chel and Cara. Amarise was a name that came to my mind one afternoon while I was embroidering the baby's blankets. It is a Hebrew name meaning "Given by God." :-) Cerise meany cherry in French. :-)

Your Name

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 Castrillo Family

After 5 months of not scrapping, I am back. And hopefully, permanently. My busy schedule taking care of our household and our 4 girls has hindered me from being as creative as I want. While checking out the websites and blogs of others, I've decided to give the Project Life system a try.

I realized last night that it wasn't that easy though. Or maybe because I'm just starting too. Took awhile for me to check out the papers and embellishments and stuff I wanted to use. Anyway, I was able to finish 3 pages and two on going ones. I will only post my first page now. This will be the cover page of my Family Album. Maybe I can use this system for the albums of the girls too so I won't have difficulty scrapping their pages from now on. :-)

2012 Castrillo Family

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Know.

Time for another challenge prompt at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge. :-) This time we are asked to "scrap about a belief, or philosophy you have – it can be something deep or something light. It might be a religious or other philosophy, or something as light as your theory on how you can put two socks into the washing machine and only one ever comes back to you."

I scrapped about Cerise's health situation and what I feel saved her from a possible brain development delay. You can read my journaling below. I printed my picture on Bazzil cardstock on sepia color to give that look. Love how it turned out. :-) Thanks for looking!

I Know

Title: I Know.

Journaling: Your doctor said that you were lucky. That you are a miracle baby. You see, we found out about your thyroid problem when you were 3 months already and only then did we start your medication. This was dangerous because we only had 3 months before delay in brain development could occur. The thyroid problem was not detected right away by the newborn screening test. After 2 1/2 months of failure to thrive, we saw an endocrinologist who ordered blood tests, thyroid ultrasound and a nuclear scan. We found out that your thyroid was smaller than usual. So, were you just lucky? I don’t think so. I think it helped that I breastfed you for about 4 months. You might say, I’m such a fanatic on breastfeeding to believe so. But really, breastmilk is the best! And I would have continued to breastfed you if not for your congenital heart problem (but that’s another story). I believe my breastmilk was your saving grace. No other food would be perfect for your system, for your brain, for your body but my milk. And although I had to stop, I’m glad I was able to feed you for your first 4 months of life. This was what helped you. I know.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

LSS: Tiny Dancer

Tanya Leigh, owner of Little Shop of Sketches, just announced that the site will be closing up. This next sketch will be the last one and there will be no more prizes/sponsorship. :-( Sad, I know. But some things just need to end, I guess. We wish you all the best, Tanya!

So for the last sketch of Little Shop, Tanya created this multi-photo framework:

I thought this would be perfect for Alyssa's ballet photos. I just love how we were able to capture her love and joy for ballet. This was taken on her first day of ballet class. Doesn't she look just adorable? :-)

Tiny Dancer
Title: Tiny Dancer

Journaling: You enjoyed your first day of ballet class very much. I call you my "showbiz girl" because you love to sing and dance and entertain people. Ballet is sooo YOU! Shine forth! Love you! Alyssa 3 years old June 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Round and Round and Round She Goes!

My fellow DT at Sassy Lil' Sketches, Ashley Horton is now doing sketches! I love it that most of her sketches have multiple photos which I really prefer. Check out her entry for Sketches, Sketches and More Sketches at her blog and let them inspire you! :-) I used this sketch for my next layout:

This is a layout about Cerise's ability to turn around the bed. She's a little delayed physically so when she finally was able to turn around, we all rejoiced and I definitely took pictures to document it. I'm submitting this also to ScrapFit's Current Workout #53 -- to journal around. :-) Thanks for looking!

Round and round
Title: Round and Round and Round She Goes!

Journaling: As soon as you learned to turn over, there was no stopping you! You love rolling around the bed. :-) Cerise @ 10 months

Will submit this layout too to Sketches in Thyme's Open Sketch Challenge. Check out their site! :-)