Monday, April 25, 2011

Raya at 7

Raya made a list of stuff she likes at her age seven and gave it to me. I thought it would be perfect for a layout. The girls are growing up so fast! It's so difficult to document each and every movement they make especially that there are four of them already! So little by little, I try to document their growths so we can relish the moments when they are grown.

I used a PageMaps sketch for this one. I really do love Becky Fleck's sketches! Thanks for looking!

Raya at 7
Title: Raya at 7

Happy List:
1. Elephants
2. Color Purple
3. Games
4. Soccer
5. Scrapping
6. Drawing
7. Playing with toys
8. Watching TV

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Orange You Cute?

Here's another layout I created last week. This time I used a sketch from Got Sketch? blog. These are pictures Mier took of Cerise last January when she was only 4 months old and starting to gain weight already. I do believe this is my first 12x12 layout of Cerise. I have started her 8x8 album but will post that only when I'm done.

By the way, I used Basic Grey papers I got from Nette Madero of My Little Attic. Love how accommodating and generous Nette is. :-)

Thanks for looking!

Orange You Cute

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Born to Ride

I did this layout yesterday and just finished it with the journaling today. I've been so productive! Yehey! Did more layouts but will post on the succeeding days. This one is based on Pencil Lines Sketch 233. Have you noticed that I've been using more of their sketches lately? :-) Love how easy to follow their sketches are and my layouts always turn out nice. Teeheehee!

My layout is of Nadine's summer 2011 activity: horseback riding! She really enjoys it and doesn't mind waking up at 530am to meet her trainer at 6. We are so proud of her!

Thanks for looking!

Born to Ride
Title: Born to Ride

Journaling: For someone who used to be afraid of animals, you have come along way. I proudly watched as you rode your horse and trotted around the coral. It was your idea to have horseback riding lessons for the summer as you declared yourself as the horse trainer of our farm. :-) Daddy said that you have improved a lot since lessons began. You can lead your horse up and down inclined land and you did well when you went on the trail. You make us proud. You have always had. I love you!
14 April 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

With Mama Didi

I was lucky enough to squeeze in some more scrapping time last week and was able to finish a layout based on Pencil Lines' Sketch 232. This photo was taken the day after I found out that I was pregnant with Cerise. We went to visit my paternal grandmother, fondly known as Mama Didi, and I was able to snap this picture of her and my older girls. Mama Didi is now 94 years old and her memory is as sharp as ever. I'm just glad that my kids are able to know and spend time with my grandmothers (My maternal grandmother is also still alive and is now 88 years old.)

With Mama Didi
Title: With Mama Didi

Journaling: Mama Didi is my 93 year old grandmother, your great grandmother. How lucky you are that you've reached her still well and able. January 2010

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Orange Family

I love creating multi-photo layouts. I take tons of pictures and it is difficult to choose just one for a layout. Putting lots of pictures in a layout helps me trim the photos to highlight just my favorites.

I used a PageMap sketch again for this layout and love the clean and organized look. This is my first family layout for the year. These photos were taken during the girls' annual family day in school. We were part of the Orange Team (We used to be in the Green and the Red teams in the past.) and had so much fun during the event.

Thanks for looking!

Orange Family
Title: Orange Family

Journaling: Our family always look forward to the yearly Rosevale Family Day. It is always a day full of fun and bonding. This year we were part of the orange team. We joined the games, the hataw and the dance showdown. And our team won First Place. :-) January 23, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ready 4 School

Thanks to my six month old baby, Cerise, who slept well and long this morning, I was able to have some "me" time and scrap a page. :-) Hope to have more moments like this.

I used Pencil Lines' Sketch 231 for this layout of Alyssa's first day of school. She looked so cute in her school and PE uniform. Thanks for looking!

Ready 4 School
Title: Ready 4 School

Journaling: I wasn't sure whether to send you to big school or not. At 2 years and 9 months, you know your colors and shapes and can count from 1-20 very well. We made you fit the uniforms and sit in class just to see. There was no turning back afterward. You enjoyed school tremendously and continue to do so. May you enjoy learning always! We love you, Alyssa! June 2010