Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rosevale Family Day

This is the 2nd half of my January 2012 page. I made a separate page for the Rosevale Family Day because I had lots of pictures that I wanted to feature. :-) I think this system works very well. for me. :-)

Rosevale Family Day

Journaling: Our family always look forward to the yearly school family day. We (all the families) are divided into teams and compete in games, cheering and dance contests all in the spirit of fun and bonding. This year, we were once again part of the RED team and again our team won over-all. It is always a day of laughter and enjoyment.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

January 2012

I wasn't sure if the weekly Project Life would be feasible for me. Faced with the busyness of life, I decided to start off with a monthly type of Project Life. I can still use the system for other layouts. So I'll be doing monthly layouts and other additional ones should there be a need for it. It'll all go to our family album. :-) Here's my layout for January. :-)


Journaling: We attended 3 big birthday parties: G.O.'s (15th), Chubby's (20th) and Ashley's (21st)... Nadine, Raya & Alyssa were honor students for the 3rd Quarter... Cerise learned to sit up on her own. Yay!... Mia started seriously aerodance 3x a week... First day of classes were moved due to Sendong... Raya began additional chess training every Sunday... Nadine is getting better at horseback riding... Alyssa enjoys ballet... Mier and Mia celebrated their 12th year with a lunch date at Le Tegola...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Your Name

I just realized that I still have a lot of unposted layouts from 2011. I started working on Cerise's baby album but haven't finished it. Still a few more layouts to go to finally be done with it. I'm hoping to finish it soon since she'll be turning two years old this year. LOL! Talk about back log! Haha!

This layout is about her name: Cecilia Amarise. Cecilia is the name of my maternal grandmother. It is likewise the name of Tita Ceci, my mom's sister, and two of my cousins, Chel and Cara. Amarise was a name that came to my mind one afternoon while I was embroidering the baby's blankets. It is a Hebrew name meaning "Given by God." :-) Cerise meany cherry in French. :-)

Your Name

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 Castrillo Family

After 5 months of not scrapping, I am back. And hopefully, permanently. My busy schedule taking care of our household and our 4 girls has hindered me from being as creative as I want. While checking out the websites and blogs of others, I've decided to give the Project Life system a try.

I realized last night that it wasn't that easy though. Or maybe because I'm just starting too. Took awhile for me to check out the papers and embellishments and stuff I wanted to use. Anyway, I was able to finish 3 pages and two on going ones. I will only post my first page now. This will be the cover page of my Family Album. Maybe I can use this system for the albums of the girls too so I won't have difficulty scrapping their pages from now on. :-)

2012 Castrillo Family