Wednesday, October 1, 2008


There's a raffle contest over at Journaling Junkie! Any submission for any of the October challenges (starting with 37) will give you a ticket in the draw. DT member, Shannon, is sponsoring the October prize. :-)

Challenge 37 is about Secrets: Do you have a secret? Is it something lighthearted and silly like your secret love of the Spice Girls or it is something deeper and darker? Has a secret that was revealed changed the course of your life? Or do you not believe in secrets?

My take of the challenge is an old layout of mine but one of my favorites.

Journaling: I love this picture of my two older girls. They seem to be sharing something they don't want the world to know. Some secret that's just between the two of them. I love watching them whispering to each other then giggling afterwards. I always wonder what they are talking about. I'm glad they have each other to share their secrets with.


Anonymous said...

hihi. ang cute nila dito :)

Mia Castrillo said...

thanks, sis! :-)