Monday, October 20, 2008

Little Notes

I love it that Nadine can now read and write. She leaves me little notes around the house and surprises me with letters and even mini books. Last night, she gave me this before going to bed. She is such a sweetie, really! What a joy to receive something like this!

If you can't read it, the note says, "Dear Mom, You're as good as the best, And I love you so much. It's nice that your here by my side. I love you. Mom, I can't stop loving you. Nadine"

Sino ba naman ang di maiiyak sa ganyan??? :-)


Airees said...

oh.... nakakaiyak naman talaga! we are very lucky to have kids like them...i know the least now that i'm older i get the chance to write those things to my parents kasi when I was a kid I couldn't do it!
Lucky you, Mia!