Monday, April 11, 2011

With Mama Didi

I was lucky enough to squeeze in some more scrapping time last week and was able to finish a layout based on Pencil Lines' Sketch 232. This photo was taken the day after I found out that I was pregnant with Cerise. We went to visit my paternal grandmother, fondly known as Mama Didi, and I was able to snap this picture of her and my older girls. Mama Didi is now 94 years old and her memory is as sharp as ever. I'm just glad that my kids are able to know and spend time with my grandmothers (My maternal grandmother is also still alive and is now 88 years old.)

With Mama Didi
Title: With Mama Didi

Journaling: Mama Didi is my 93 year old grandmother, your great grandmother. How lucky you are that you've reached her still well and able. January 2010


AnnaB said...

This is lovely! Thank you so much for playing a long with us at Pencil Lines!