Thursday, April 14, 2011

Born to Ride

I did this layout yesterday and just finished it with the journaling today. I've been so productive! Yehey! Did more layouts but will post on the succeeding days. This one is based on Pencil Lines Sketch 233. Have you noticed that I've been using more of their sketches lately? :-) Love how easy to follow their sketches are and my layouts always turn out nice. Teeheehee!

My layout is of Nadine's summer 2011 activity: horseback riding! She really enjoys it and doesn't mind waking up at 530am to meet her trainer at 6. We are so proud of her!

Thanks for looking!

Born to Ride
Title: Born to Ride

Journaling: For someone who used to be afraid of animals, you have come along way. I proudly watched as you rode your horse and trotted around the coral. It was your idea to have horseback riding lessons for the summer as you declared yourself as the horse trainer of our farm. :-) Daddy said that you have improved a lot since lessons began. You can lead your horse up and down inclined land and you did well when you went on the trail. You make us proud. You have always had. I love you!
14 April 2011


Fryne said...

this is such a lovely layout! love the design!!!
thanks for playing with Pencil Lines sketch!!!

Bellaidea said...

Very cool photos!
Nice leyout too!
Have a nice weekend and visit me if you like doilies, I will have little Easter Giveaway :)