Thursday, March 10, 2011

Slip - Ons

Yay! My first layout for the year! I created this layout one evening while all the girls were asleep. Felt good to finally finish something! I plan to at least work on a layout once a week. Don't know how feasible that can be especially since the girls will be out from school soon. Hopefully, one a week can be done. :-)

So for my first layout, I used a sketch from Pencil Lines. Was going to submit it for the DT call but I missed the deadline since Cerise was hospitalized that same week. Oh well! Maybe next time.

Title: Slip - Ons

Journaling: You insist on wearing rubber flip flops even with your prettiest dresses. It was starting to annoy mommy! So we went to the store to get you new slip-ons. These are what you chose. :-) Alyssa - age 2. Jan. 2010


gwacie said...

hehe. flip flops parin. but the flower does dress it up and the pair does look cute. ;)

Mia Castrillo said...

And at least they're not rubber! She's a little fashionista. :-)