Saturday, June 6, 2009

@36 Living, Learning and Being Thankful

This is my layout for Journaling Junkie' challenge to create a layout using "age" as a title. I decided to scrap about my present age and what I've learned and what I am presently thankful for. Journaling is quite lengthy but hey, that's why I scrap. :D

Incidentally, this layout was just accepted at the BG gallery. :D Oh and please take note that my 7 year old Nadine was the one who took the photo with my Nikon D60. Not bad eh? Looks like I have a budding photographer in my hands. :D Yup, proud moment for me!

@36 - Living, Learning and Being Thankful
Title: @36 Living, Learning and Being Thankful

I am thankful for many things --- simple things yet truly wonderful and life-changing things. A lot of times, we take for granted what we have in life: the food we eat, the clothes we wear or the air we breathe. There are times when we are consumed by the thought of the things we want or we think we need and fail to be appreciative of what truly matters.

I am thankful for electricity and water and the comfort that it brings into our homes. I am grateful for the Internet that has enabled me to communicate with a lot of families and friends and the wealth of information it brings. I am happy that we have a roof on our heads, a car to bring us around and good health for everyone.

One time Nadine simply commented, “I’m happy I have eyes to see.” I don’t know what she saw or what made her say that but her innocent comment made me ecstatic that she has learned to appreciate other things aside from the material ones. How many times have we taken our senses for granted? The colors and things that we see, the sweet sounds that we hear, the food that we taste.

I am deeply grateful for the ways we have all grown as a family the past few years- in ways we never expected we would have to. Our move to Cagayan was not an easy decision for us but with lots of prayers and discernment, we felt that this was best for our growing family. And somehow it has proven in itself. I am grateful for the conveniences the city brings, the car rides to school, the breakfast dates with my husband.

As a family, I feel we have grown closer to one another, knowing each other more and learning the little quirks that go with each personality. With this, we have learned to deal with the frustrations and obstacles that come with life. It has made us grow. Our life is far from perfect. There is still so much to strive for, to work on in our lives. But I am hopeful that with our goals in mind, anything can be achieved. It is, nonetheless, the journey that’s what matters most.

I am thankful for expressions of love, especially within our family. I know everybody is different when it comes to how much “love they show”, but I really believe that there is no such thing as “being too loving”. I love that my kids feel comfortable and it comes natural for them to kiss us and to say I love you. When we bring Raya to school every morning, she never fails to hug us and whisper, “I love you SOO much!” (Emphasis on the SOO.)

It really is a wonderful thing to pause for a few moments and realize the number of things we all have to be thankful for in life. No matter who we are or where we are. There are blessings when we choose to 'see them'.


bjay said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts, sis. it is so honest and heartwarming, it made me smile :)

great LO!

Chiqui said...

love the layout, the journaling, the pic...actually everything! thanks also for visiting my blog.

Ems said...

Beautiful! And you're such a great mom to have such great, sweet kids! ;o)

Maybelle said...

Aww, Mia, you are truly blessed! Your daughters are so sweet! Hay! I wish I could write as beautifully as you do!