Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quips at 3

I created this layout for the challenge at Scrap that Baby! but realized that I was past the deadline. Hehehe! Well, I don't mind really. At least I was able to jot this down and journal about it. The challenge was about the words of our babies or kids. In this case, I scrapped about Alyssa's funny quotes. She is really one adorable girl!

Quips at 3
Title: Quips @ 3

1. Pronounces "th" as "f"--- fumbs, funder, nuffin, etc.
2. Playing Cinderella, she says to Raya. What are you doing stepsister?
3. Hey! It's Johhny Deaf! referring to the actor Johnny Depp
4. Mommy, your eyebrow is like a porcupine!
5. Nadine: Mommy is Daddy's wife Alyssa: Well, I'm his princess!
6. Singing, I have the time of my L-I-I-I-F-E and I owe it unto YOU, YOU, YOU!
7. I wanted to pee in the potty but I was still sleeping. - when she wet the bed.
8. Me: Did you have a nice dream? What was your dream about? Alyssa: Me!


Sarah said...

This nis such a cute Lo Mia - the journaling is so special too. Thanks for voting for me over at Sketchy Thursdays :)

sandi said...

This is absolutely adorable! Love the sweet banner and squares...so cute!

Shell said...

This is so cute. Luv the clothesline! Kids come out with such funny things- I luv it! Thanx for playing at Scrap That Baby