Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 Castrillo Family

After 5 months of not scrapping, I am back. And hopefully, permanently. My busy schedule taking care of our household and our 4 girls has hindered me from being as creative as I want. While checking out the websites and blogs of others, I've decided to give the Project Life system a try.

I realized last night that it wasn't that easy though. Or maybe because I'm just starting too. Took awhile for me to check out the papers and embellishments and stuff I wanted to use. Anyway, I was able to finish 3 pages and two on going ones. I will only post my first page now. This will be the cover page of my Family Album. Maybe I can use this system for the albums of the girls too so I won't have difficulty scrapping their pages from now on. :-)

2012 Castrillo Family


Naddy said...

Hi Mia, haven't dropped by here for a while... Nice to see you back scrapping xx