Sunday, October 30, 2011

LSS: Tiny Dancer

Tanya Leigh, owner of Little Shop of Sketches, just announced that the site will be closing up. This next sketch will be the last one and there will be no more prizes/sponsorship. :-( Sad, I know. But some things just need to end, I guess. We wish you all the best, Tanya!

So for the last sketch of Little Shop, Tanya created this multi-photo framework:

I thought this would be perfect for Alyssa's ballet photos. I just love how we were able to capture her love and joy for ballet. This was taken on her first day of ballet class. Doesn't she look just adorable? :-)

Tiny Dancer
Title: Tiny Dancer

Journaling: You enjoyed your first day of ballet class very much. I call you my "showbiz girl" because you love to sing and dance and entertain people. Ballet is sooo YOU! Shine forth! Love you! Alyssa 3 years old June 2011


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