Thursday, October 1, 2009

ScrapJam Postponed and a JJ layout

I was looking forward to going to the ScrapJam this weekend but with the threat of Tropical Storm Pepeng, the organizers decided to postpone the Jam to the weekend after. Of course, I understand that the safety of the participants should be the primary concern. I wouldn't want to be stranded in Manila either. But I can't make it to the Oct. 10 schedule because that is the Mother-Daughter event of Nadine and she is really looking forward to spending time with just me. Well, maybe some other time.

In the meantime, here's a layout I created for Journaling Junkie.

Always Smiling
Title: Always Smiling

Journaling: You steal my heart each time you smile. And every time I see that sweet grin, it brings a smile to my face. Your personality always cheers me up... You brighten my day simple by flashing those pearly whites. Thank you for spreading joy and reminding me to live in the present.