Monday, April 27, 2009

Kaya Challenge: Just the Boys

I've finished this layout for sometime already (as promised Bjay! Mwah!) for the current Kaya challenge but haven't taken a picture til now. Honestly, I prefer not to stamp. I don't like the mess and the cleaning up after. But I do have a number of stamps in my stash that definitely needs to be used. :D

This photo was taken on Good Friday last year when the boys of my family made the Stations of the Cross up the hill. It was nice seeing them all together. :D

Just the Boys
Title: Just the Boys

Materials: Studio Azul February kit

Journaling: We usually all go up to Malasag on Good Friday but this year, only the BOYS did the tedious trek. It was nice seeing them all bond together... Just the Boys. Good Friday April 2008

Techniques Used:
Non-stamp: I used Alyssa's shoe to make a foot print on the patterned paper
Stamp: Autumn leaves journaling stamp on the tag, letter stamps for the word "the"


bjay said...

thanks for joining, sis! I really love the thematic feel of your LO :)

glad to know you girls landed safe and sound in CDO.

Mia Castrillo said...

Thanks for appreciating the layout, Sis! Pero disqualified pala ako. Hehehe! Not reading instructions. :P