Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What We Didn't Know 9 Years Ago

Mier and I celebrated 9 years of blissful union last January 24. How apt that Journaling Junkie's challenge is to create a layout with hidden journaling. Here's my layout:

What We Didn't Know
Title: What We Didn't Know 9 Years Ago

Hidden Journaling:
· that we would have 3 beautiful girls · that patience is one of the most challenging virtues --- ever · that our parenting styles would balance and complement each other very well · that counting 1 to 10 is an effective way of making the girls think of their actions · that in as much as our children learn from us, we learn from them too · that seeing our little characteristics in them would give us great joy · that raising kids would be the most challenging and yet rewarding task we share · that watching each other love our girls would make our love for each other grow

Here's a close up of my journaling on a tag, hidden under the green spotted paper.

Thanks for looking!


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

I love this LO Mia! Your journalling touches my heart.Mushy! Nice idea of the pocket.