Friday, August 29, 2008

Birthday Week!

It has really been a hectic week for me and I expect more busyness next week. It's Nadine's 7th birthday on Sunday and we will be joining Alyssa's birthday party too although her birthday is still on September 9. My in laws will be arriving tomorrow and we are sure to be busy taking them around and enjoying their company. They'll be staying until after Alyssa's birthday. Incidentally, it is also Mier's birthday next week, on the 8th.

Aside from Nadine, Mier and Alyssa, it will also be my mom's 60th birthday on September 2. I am making her an 8x8 album. Will post the pictures as soon as I'm done.

So, no layouts yet right now. I promise to post some next week. Happy weekend everyone!