Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tree Planting B-day and 2 Curlies

No, I haven't been scrapping for the longest time now. But I still have a lot of layouts that haven't been posted. Here are 2 more using the Color Me Miki February kit:

Tree Planting B-day
Title: Tree Planting B-day

Journaling: We were surprised but happy that for your 8th birthday, you decided to have a tree planting activity in school. For such a girly girl, you were willing to get your hands dirty in order to plant trees. You and your classmates had so much fun. We are so proud of you! --- Nadine, Aug 31, 2009

2 Curlies
Title: 2 Curlies

Journaling: Journaling: Since both Daddy and Mommy have straight hair, you must have gotten your curls from Ninong James. --- Alyssa, age 2


Helen Tilbury said...

Very cute work Mia & in the second your daughter looks so similar to her uncle (is it? - ninong?)

Shayne said...

Hi Mia,

Could not find your email address so am using your comment form. I am running JJ whilst Stef is away and i have not received at LO for #76. If you have one to submit, please send it to me @ shaynesch@absamail.co.za so that i can get it in the queue.

If not, pls just let me know.

Thanks so much. Shayne

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