Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blessed 2009

My first layout for the year is a double layout! Wow! I haven't done double layouts in a long time and wasn't sure if I wanted to continue or not. But I wanted to include all the pictures so I just treaded on. It turned out pretty okay, I think, plus I was able to use the rest of my American Crafts 6th Avenue papers. :D This is for Journaling Junkie's challenge for the week.

Blessed 2009
Title: Blessed 2009

· Ate in Kambingan for our 9th year anniversary · Was in the Green team for the Rosevale Family Day · Raya won 1st place in the Poem Recitation Contest · Mia treated everyone to lechon for her 36th birthday · We were all models for the CDO Tourism video · Raya was a giraffe during the Lion King presentation · Nadine won 1st place in the Poem Writing Contest · We went to the Monastery of Transfiguration with other families · Nadine and Raya played Junior Golf for the summer · Went to Cavite for a month during the summer · Nadine and Raya were 1st Honors during Recognition Day · Alyssa stopped breastfeeding · Lolo Ed got the CDO projects · Mier opened the gun store with James, John and Xioy · Alyssa learned to use the potty · Mier got promoted · Mia opened the parlor with Lola Rona, Ovvian and Sherly · Nadine had a tree planting 8th birthday · We were all part of Mabel and Mackie’s wedding entourage · Alyssa had a dancing Jollibee 2nd birthday · Raya has a 6th birthday elephant party · Mier turned 40 years old · The Castrillos surprised him by coming here for his birthday · Alyssa’s had her first haircut · Raya lost a tooth · Nadine had her 1st communion · Spent Christmas in Cavite and New Year in CDO · Mier was awarded the GDL Excellence Award by his company · We made a down payment for a home!


janis said...

hi mia!!! naks naman, first layout, double pager pa!!! here's to more beautiful creations this 2010!!!

Trizz said...

it's beautiful,..
let me share few things on my blog
nicely invite u to

Yollie27 said...

wow l love it.
I would like to invite you to my blog

Tracy said...

You know I LOVE IT, Mia ...

Love, T

Helen Tilbury said...

Phew I'm exhausted reading all that you achieved in 2009! Sounds like you had a great year & congratulations on your home to be! Looks like 2010 sure is going to be a good one for your double layout ;-D