Thursday, December 3, 2009

Terrific Terrible Two

Journaling Junkie's latest challenge is to write about the negative. Helen challenges us to document a negative aspect of someone, somewhere or something that you love dearly; to document flaws or some other negative emotions.

I didn't want to just journal about the negative so I thought a pros and cons thing would be my take on the challenge. My 3rd daughter, Alyssa, has been quite a handful lately. But she continues to mesmerize us with her antics and sweetness. Here is a layout on her terrific and terrible sides.

Terrific Terrible Two
Title: Terrific Terrible Two

Loves to be hugged, kissed and held
Insists on wearing dresses all the time
Happy, smiley girl
Sings and dances on her own
Knows her shapes and numbers
Loves to ride the car
Not afraid of bugs and animals
Watches MTV and Playhouse Disney
Sweet and sociable
Drinks lots of water and liquids
Likes to eat fruits
Fearless and adventurous

Shouts at the top of her lungs when she wants something
Doesn’t like taking a bath
Doesn’t like to wear her diapers at night
Insists on what she wants
Doesn’t like her car seat at times
Very picky with her food
Prefers her slippers over shoes
Demands attention of everyone
Hard to put to sleep
Likes candies and lollipops


sHerLy said...

hi hi hi! Funny alyssa talaga =) Nice layout as always =)

Iris Uy said...

hahaha so cute!! I will lift your idea sis ha. Will do the same for Nicole:)

Helen Tilbury said...

Oh Mia this is lovely! Perfect... I also journaled about the good stuff too ;-D

Mia Castrillo said...

Thanks Sherly and Iris! Come join our fun at Journaling Junkie! We'll be thrilled to have you there. :D

Yes, Helen. I kinda got the idea from your layout. LOL! Hugs!

janis said...

hi mia. i sooo love your take - - pros and cons instead of just focusing on the negative. me too, will lift this in the future with your permission. ;o)

still in the hospital. really sad when the kids are sick noh? god bless mia!!!!